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Relationship building…

Building positive relationships is one of the key areas of focus as soon as a child starts at Blossom. Tay says:

‘Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships. It is paramount from the moment parent/carers choose Blossom for their childcare we start building the relationship with their Key Person.’

blossom day nursery key person

Every child at Blossom has a Key Person who is their primary point of contact within the nursery. That person will work very closely with your child to make them feel safe and secure and enable them to participate and enjoy their time with us.

Keep up to date with progress

The key person observes your child to ensure that the care we provide meets their individual needs. Your involvement is essential in this, therefore we keep you regularly informed of your child’s progress and in turn the information you provide to your key person about your child’s interests, development and experiences at home helps us to build on your child’s development. Your child’s key person is here to listen and help, so please share any comments or concerns you may have.

Drop off can be tricky!

 It can be very hard to drop your child off at nursery especially if they are clingy and upset. Most of the time once their main carer has left and they have been comforted by their key person or another familiar adult they stop being upset and are interested to see what activities and toys are out for them to play with!

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