Getting ready for big school!

Children will leave the Baby Room at roughly 2.5 years old and move up to Pre-school. The move is done gradually with the children spending short periods of time in the room initially to get used to the new routines and their new key person. The days are a bit more structured to prepare the children for school and to help develop listening skills and social interaction. 

Our Pre-school days look a bit like this…

Each day starts with circle time – where there is singing and chat about the weather and the topic of the week. The children then spend time with their key group taking part in activities together. Play is then free flow and the children can choose their activities indoors or outside. Activities may include:

preschool activities
preschool counting
Digging in the garden

Children will spend some time each day with their key person. This adult-led focussed activity will relate to the topic of the week. This helps to build the bond between the children and their key person and the key person can assess what developmental stage the child is at.

Before lunch we have some physical activity – ‘Wake me up and wear me out’ – which the children love. It also encourages good manners at the table.

While we clear up after lunch, the children take part in song time – another very popular time of day as children are encouraged to participate and choose their favourite song for everyone to sing.

Then there is more free play time. Tay says

Research has shown that a two year old needs time to explore and be in charge of their own learning – they enjoy taking part in the same activity many times and also love to transport objects from one place to another so we try and provide lots of bags trolleys and baskets for them to do this.

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